World's most advanced E-Commerce platform

It's never been so easy to manage and market your business, kipi allow you benefits that you can't find elsewhere in order to increase profit.

Directed to the future

We bring together everything that’s required to build websites and apps and still looks to expand and evolve.

Advanced payment methods

Every business must allow his customers a comfortable payment method in order to buy - quick payments, Apple Pay and certainly credit cards, but above all kipi allow you to grant credit to the customers which they can use it next purchase.

Available anywhere at anytime

An online store must allow customers to sign in simplicity, kipi enable customers to sign in from any device, place, or time.

All in one

Kipi helps you to manage all the tasks from one place – manage orders, stocks, and marketing in one click.

Kipi offers you the innovations that you really need

Realtime dashboard

Kipi allow you to see what happens in your business, including viewing real time carts or Abandoning carts.

Returning and exchanging right from your website

We understand that one of the problems in online business is manage Returning and exchanging, Kipi allows your customers to do it by themselves from the personal area without your involvement.

Stock managment that you wish for

It's never been easier to manage stock at your business, kipi allow you smart and advanced stock management with different variation for every product.

Give your clients the support they wants

We know how important for you to be in touch with customers, therefore kipi allow you simple communication with the customers from personal area.

Let kipi marketing you accros the media wisely and efficiently

Full control in all your campaigns. using kipi you can watch and manage all your marketing campaigns from one place.

Full control in all your campaigns

Using kipi you can watch and manage all your marketing campaigns from one place.

Realtime infromation for your campaigns

Kipi allow you to see real time return on investment from every marketing campaign, so you can divert resource to the right chanel and increase your income.

Business recommends kipi

We can continue to tell you about kipi advantages but between us you better hear what business owner think about using kipi and how it helps them increase online profit!
Tomy LizBenShu
Thank you for creating Kipi!
Tomy LizBenShu
Thank you for creating Kipi!
Tomy LizBenShu
Thank you for creating Kipi!

All in One

Marketing dashboard
Realtime carts activities
Smart items sort
Replace & Returns
Advanced inventory managment
Delivery management
Advanced distribution settings
Quick payments options
System integrations
Drag & Drop UI/UX
Smart dictionary
Popups management
Dynamic forms builder
Smart search engine
Packages & Bundles
Related items
Customer Support
Personal area
Customers Club
Dedicated chat per order
Kipi Credit Payments
Abonded carts
Dynamic carts

Advantages of kipi

Top Competitor
Other Competitors
Exchanges & Returns
Realtime Abonded Carts
Marketing Dashboard
Smart Product Positioning
Kipi Credit Payments
Orders Dedicated Support
Personal Area
Logistics Teams Integrations
Advanced Payment Methods
Dynamic Stock Management
Packages & Related Products
Discounts & Coupons